Welcome to Our Financing Department. At One Price Used Car Superstore, we know that shopping for a used car and getting a used car loan usually go together!

We are experts on every part of the used vehicle buying process, guiding you through the choices on both vehicles and finance arrangements. Our customers tell us that picking a new-to-you car at One Price is fun and easy, hassle free and stress free, from beginning to end.

With decades of experience in used car dealerships, we are genuinely passionate about providing an enjoyable experience that meets your needs. Our financing department is totally transparent: we “build” your finance deal where you can see it in an interactive screen that gives you total insight into your choices. We are experts in connecting people to payments in a way that makes sense for each person’s unique financial goals. Money and credit are personal topics, and our Sales Consultants understand that every person’s financial position is different, but everyone wants the same few things: privacy, respect, and expert guidance.